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On Friday, I got a month of daily blogging and I have decided to continue doing it.

It has been challenging but enriching because I see it as a personal and professional growing practice. I personally see communication as both an art and a science and creating a daily piece of content makes me improve the way I express my ideas. Not only expressing but working on refining them.

Would be easy to say, and is also a valid statement, that quality is better than quantity when it comes to publishing. And of course you can’t create a master level post everyday single. It doesn’t matter: it is not about teaching, making money with it or even growing the number of readers.

When you want to become good at something, you need to train it. Repetition leads to mastery. And I want to be better both as a communicator and as an Agile Coach. Two things, by the way, that I see very related as I understand them.

By reflecting daily and putting myself in the situation of structuring my thoughts in a written format I need to work on them. Also, it helps me not to drop small ideas that can lead to a bigger though or point of reflection in the future. I strongly thing that there is something to learn in everyday’s experience, not only in great deeds.

During this month I wrote a few posts that for my own development, they pay the price of the daily effort. I had to think about the way I face problems and challenges, shared a book that has actually helped me a lot on create consistency on what I do and talked about a problem I have suffered in couple of difficult exchanges.

So from now on the cadence will be the same, although I admit that I want to work on the structure of the posts, as I said, as an exercise to structure my own ideas in a better way.

Shouldn’t the reader be afraid or worried if some days find me writing about topics not so clearly directed to Agile such as improving communication, leadership, techniques outside the usual frameworks, studies about human mind or any topic that I can find useful for my own experiments. This blog is about my own profesional path and this, many times, will go through discovery, divergence, mix or just experimentation. I think that some of my sharing might be interesting for you if you are still open to explore.

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