Sprint retrospective as a mean and not an end

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Sprint Retrospectives are a very interesting thing. For they are one of the things that manages to generate incredible changes in Scrum teams.

But what I want to do today is a short reflection on why we do them. As a Scrum Master you have to make sure that retro is a mean and never an end. Let’s not do a Sprint Retrospective because it is written in the Scrum Guide.
The idea is to do it because we really believe in the reasons you see in the guide. Let’s do it because we have proven it and we are aware that, well done and generating the right climate in a team, they are a unique space to improve.

But what is a well made retro? Here comes my little reflection.

The Sprint Retrospectives should to be prepared very well. Understand what the team’s needs are, don´t make them go to a boring meeting in which we sit there to say:

Well, what’s going good and bad?

But neither, no matter how well prepared we have it, we have to force the times and the script to make the team pass through the list of dynamics that we have prepared. The Sprint Retrospective is not an end. It is not the retro for the retro, it is not the dynamics for the dynamics.

If we start a dynamic and that opens an interesting debate about what happens in the team, everyone participates, we can draw conclusions and improvements … that’s it. You can, from my point of view, save the markers, the blackboard and the papers for the next retro because what is happening is already happening.

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