This blog

What you can read here is just my personal journey through organisations, changing paradigms, conversations, teams, Agile and many other aspects of what for me represents a whole body on how to work and be.

If you are expecting a step by step manual on how to do things with Scrum or any other Agile approach, I am afraid I can’t give you that. I am just another pilgrim. Sure you will find some insights, small guides and so, but those are mainly based on my own experience and in many cases they will happen to be just my own reflections.

No coach will be able to give a whole recipe on how to be successful as a Scrum Master, Agile Coach, with your company or your technical work. The best I can do, in my opinion, is share my own journey and experience that hopefully will serve or inspire someone.

This blog is not for everyone. You don’t need to agree and that is totally ok.

In a world full of polarities and people trying to convince, I find more brave being able to just give.