We went to the radio to talk about Agile Coaching

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On March the 5th four colleagues (Marcos Pacheco, Estrella Suarez, Tomeu Cabot and me) went to the radio here in Mallorca (IB3 Radio) in the show Incorporación immediata to talk about our vision and experience on what it means to be an Agile Coach. Thank you Toni Traveria for the invitation.

The most interesting thing is that the show’s focus is to approach jobs that are usually not so well known and make them «understandable» by anyone in the street. And I can tell you in advance that is a very good exercise to explain our job in a way that we are not using words that are techical or very specific.

The show is mainly in Catalán and some Spanish, but if you feel like so, you can enjoy it in the link bellow.


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